A dog that is prone to chewing and destruction can cause their owner considerable distress and many dogs will at some time be liable to inappropriate chewing. This behaviour can be due to a number of reasons, including:

Separation anxiety

He becomes anxious when separated from you or someone within your household.

He begins to get anxious and stressed when he knows that he is in the house alone.
Fear (Sounds etc. inside the house)

Occurs when there is something that is happening inside your house that your dog is frightened of when you go out and leave it.
Fear (Sounds etc. outside the house)

Occurs when your dog is suffering from a fear of events that are happening (or are perceived as happening) outside the house.
Attention seeking destruction

Occurs when the owner goes out of the dog’s sight and the dog gets annoyed at being left alone and proceeds to destroy the house.

Sometimes if a dog is left alone and has nothing in particular to occupy his mind, he chews on a favourite surface in order to alleviate the boredom.

The Author, John Rogerson

Chewing and Destruction was compiled by John Rogerson, leading trainer/behaviourist and author. John’s behaviour modification programmes are in use world-wide and he pioneered the use of such programmes to give owners greater understanding and control of their ‘problem’ dogs. John is the author of many best selling books on the subject of dog behaviour and training, and he still finds time to run behaviour clinics. He has a programme of residential courses on both behaviour and training at his Northern Centre for Animal Behaviour, based in the North of England.

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