All Breeds Best in Show Winner

(Whelped 27th June 2005)

Axel Pictured above winning Best In Specialty Show March 2009

Axel is a smart, compact, powerful moving young male with an outstanding head from the “The Guns N Roses Litter” which was sired by Grand Champion Peperton Wotcha Gonna Do to our our own girl, Champion Bravadobe Cherry Bomb WAC.  Already a multi best in all breeds show winner and runner up best in specialty show winner, Axel started off 2008 by gaining his Grand Championship title at only two and a half years.

“A young black male of near correct height and ideal proportions, balanced fore and aft. He is short backed, with a well developed fore chest, completing the squareness required in the breed.  Head is long, with a blunt wedge forming dark almond eyes and flat skull, strong underjaw.  Long neck flowing into well laid back shoulders with elbows well under the dog.  Chest well let down for his age. Strong back standing and gaiting with no material drop in the croup.  Perhaps a little more breadth to the lower thigh would enhance otherwise strong hindquarters.  Moved with balance on a single track, showing good reach in the forequarters that were driven by the rear.  Excellent round bone covered in quality tan markings finish a young dog presented to perfection.”  Awarded Reserve Challenge Dog at the 2006 Victorian Dobermann Club Specialty, by specialist judge Michelle Cowin (NSW).


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