Vaydee Jesse James (IMP SERBIA)

21 February 2008

Viper 6463


Viper, born in Croatia, arrived into Australia in 2009 after a very long commute! Representing some of Europes top lines, including his sire, the top producing Fedor Del Nasi, Viper brings to us a well balanced and stable working temperament, outstanding bone, magnificent colouring and great health statistics.

We would like to thank Sanja for allowing us to take our pick of the seven males, being patient enough to wait for all the health test results and leaving him uncropped so that he can be exhibited in Australia. Also a special thanks to those that assisted us in obtaining Viper, as without your support he would not be here with us today.

We are hopeful and enthusiastic that Viper will pass on his great attributes to his offspring over the years to come.

Viper is vWD Clear and available to approved bitches and has already sired champion progeny.


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