Working dogs, such as sheep dogs, police dogs and gun dogs, can have much higher calorie requirements than adult dogs of the same breed who are being fed for maintenance. The energy needs of working dogs are influenced by a number of factors, such as the level and duration of activity, the nature of work, the environmental temperature and the thickness of the dog’s coat. It is therefore not possible to give strict feeding guidelines for all working dogs. Typically, a true working dog will require two to four times the adult maintenance ration, which is usually fed as one third in the morning and the remaining two thirds on completion of the working day. You can offer your dog the extra energy in his diet by simply increasing the amount of food offered; alternatively you can feed a concentrated food specially designed for very active dogs. This special concentrated diet will allow the feeding of smaller, ‘normal’ volumes as opposed to large amounts, which may make it easier for your dog to eat his recommended ration.

You should aim at supporting and sustaining your dog’s body condition by closely monitoring his weight and development, and making individual adjustments to feeding where appropriate.

It is crucial that fresh water is available at all times, as working dogs tend to have higher water requirements compared to more inactive adult dogs.

We recommend and feed all our Dobermanns on Royal Canin Formulas

This information is referenced from the Waltham website which can be located at

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