Prepared pet foods from reputable pet food manufacturers come with a guarantee of nutritional adequacy, quality and safety. There is a wide array of recipes, varieties and textures to choose from and in all forms they are convenient to use. All dog foods supported by WALTHAM have been developed to provide a balanced diet to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements, and to relieve you of nutritional worries.

Prepared pet foods are either complete or complementary. A complete food provides a balanced diet when fed alone, whereas a complementary food is designed to be fed in combination with an additional, specified food source, such as canned meat and biscuit mixer. The label on the product will state whether the food is complete or complementary. Prepared pet foods are usually presented in three main forms – dry, wet and semi-moist. Dry foods have had most of the moisture removed, and are convenient and economical to use. They may be fed dry or soaked, with water added before feeding. Wet foods, such as canned diets, have the moisture content of the ingredients retained. Semi-moist foods have a moisture content which is somewhere between the two.

Whatever diet you choose for your dog, make sure that he has plenty of water available at all times. Keep an eye on the amount he drinks. A dog that is persistently thirsty may be unwell and need prompt veterinary attention. Give him his own clean bowls for food and water – wash them after use and separately from the family’s crockery.

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