In the past, infectious diseases such as those caused by parvovirus and distemper virus, have been a significant cause of illness and death in dogs, especially young animals. Vaccination against these and other diseases has proved to be a very effective means of reducing the incidence of these diseases.

A veterinarianThere is some variation according to country and region and it is important to discuss a suitable vaccination programme with your local veterinarian. The vaccination will involve an initial course of injections followed by booster injections at various times throughout your dog’s life.

These booster injections help maintain his immunity, but they also provide a good opportunity for your veterinarian to carry out a full health check. You can use this opportunity to ask any questions about your dog’s health, but don’t wait until a booster is due before seeking advice for a medical complaint. Remember, always consult your veterinarian or the practice’s trained nursing staff if you are in doubt about your dog’s wellbeing.

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